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Dr. Jeffrey McGunnigle is a chiropractor serving Haddonfield, Cherry Hill, and the surrounding Camden County areas. Chiropractic is Dr. Jeffs passion! Making sure that your spine, and therefore your entire body functions at a higher level, is what he's all about. He's been doing this for over 30 years. He is dedicated to helping people achieve the goal of greater health, no pain, and a more vital lifestyle.

Our Haddonfield, NJ Chiropractor

When you come into our office, you are greeted warmly by one of our team members. You are given an amazing examination and x-rays are required. It is our policy to not treat you before those x-rays are reviewed by Dr. Jeff; he wants to make sure that there are no bone chips, spurs etc., which could be a problem. Your safety is our number one concern. Our x-rays are performed in-house. If you have weight bearing x rays taken within 6 months, they may be acceptable. We have specific times that we read those reports with you on your next visit.

On your second visit, Dr. Jeff goes over your x rays thoroughly as well as finances. We know that insurance is more often than not a quagmire for our patients, high deductibles, and high co-pays, we offer easy financial plans that take the stress out of your chiropractic care.

Dr. Jeff treats patients from the pregnant mother to be to people well into their 90's.

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If you have not been to a chiropractor before and want to find out more, please Email Us or call (856) 310-4445 to receive the answers to your questions from our experienced team. We also welcome referrals, so we invite you to use the "Send to Friend" link to share our chiropractic and wellness information with your friends and loved ones.

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Dr. Jeffrey McGunnigle
Haddonfield Chiropractor | McGunnigle Chiropractic | (856) 310-4445

450 W Crystal Lake Ave
Haddonfield, NJ 08033

Meet the Team

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  • Dr.

    Dr. Jeff  grew up in Cherry Hill, NJ and is very grateful to have had the opportunity to create McGunnigle Chiropractic with his wife, Shelby.  Why did he become a Chiropractor?  The answer is simple; as a young person watching his Grandfather suffer debilitation health problems that had him constantly in and out of hospitals, taking one medication after another and continually getting worse, afriend of his suggested Chiropractic.. 

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  • Amanda Hazelton

    Amanda Hazelton, joined our team in January  of 2013. She's a tremendous asset to the team.  Amanda truly believes in the health and wellness of both of her children, and they are routinely adjusted. Amanda makes sure that everything is done correctly,from Insurance Verifications to Pre Certifications to Referrals and all things in between thus saving everyone time and allows everyone to focus on our number one priority...... OUR PATIENTS!

  • Shelby McGunnigle

    Shelby McGunnigle has been married to Dr. McGunnigle for 33 years. She has been with him since the beginning, when he first opened his doors in Philadelphia, PA, in 1985.  She is involved with the Finances and Bookkeeping portion of the Practice, as well as the driving force behind different events that take place in our office. Her favorite part of every day is seeing all of the patients and enjoying their company.

  • Diana Ortiz

    Diana Ortiz joined our team in April of 2015. We are proud to have a Licensed Massage Therapist on our Team. Diana has become such an integral part of our Team offering from 10 minute Chair Massages to 90 Minute Full Body Massages, in a quiet, professional setting. Diana works magic on our patients! She is truly a gifted Massage Therapist, and we are pleased that when our patients are finished with their massaged, their adjustments with Dr. Jeff are held for longer periods of time!


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    I came to McGunnigle Chiropractic for my Ulnar Neuropathy. I had numbness and stinging in my pinky and half of my ring finger in my right hand.  It was a constant, dull pain.  After being at McGunnigle Chiropractic I don't notice it as much!  i was taking anti-inflammatory drugs which did keep it at a reduced level of pain. I was taking Naproxyn. I also had shoulder pain and neck pain.  I had sought Chiropractic treatment before and I had no doubts it would help me. The office is very nice, Dr. Jeff is very knowledgeable, friendly and inforamtive, and his team well organized and friendly as well.  Dr. Jeff recommended adjustments - 3 times a week to start and then I was advanced to 2 times, I will be advanced very soon to 1 time a week!  Dr. Jeff also recommended frequent posture checks and stretching, very specific stretching.  In a very short time I started to feel better and now I feel better daily.  I would recommend others to Chiropractic, its not just about adjusting the neck and back, to me its the BEST overall health method!

    I went to see Dr, Jeff becasue of back and leg pain. I had pain and swelling in the low back and knees.  It would hit me a various times, and thought the pain was moderate, it was annoying.  I had had Chiropractic care and a diffrent Chiropractor, and enjoyed the experience. I had no doubt it would help me.  So I thought,"Let's give it a try." The office is very welcoming, Dr. Jeff is knowledgeable and very caring.  His Team, fun and loving!  Dr. Jeff recommended for me to eat better, exercise daily and to listen to my body. My wife became a patient at McGunnigle Chiropractic as well for her back and neck issues.  Chirorpactic has helped us both so much and i would recommend it for anyone. Chiropractic is my "Go To"!

    Michael B. 7/22/15

    I went to Dr. Jeff after a co-worker recommended him.  I had lower and upper back pain and neck pain. This condition had been going on for years, and sometimes the severity could be a 3-8 out of 10.  I wanted improved health and no pain.  Dr. Jeff recommended stretching and exercises specific to my problem in order to enhance his Chiropractic adjustments.I had been to a chiroprctor before and had no doubt that it would work. I find chiropractic to be a great pain and stress relief.  Dr. Jeff's office is perfect, he has an awesome sense of hume and is a great educator.  He Team is THE BEST!  Dr. Jeff recommended specific exercises, eat better foods, and taking time for myself.  I have less pain and less stress, and my overall health has improved.  I would recommend anyone to come see Dr. Jeff, and I've told countless people about him!

    Birgit H. 7/30/15

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