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I look forward to my appointment. Jeff is the real deal and he makes you feel better - both in the short and long term. No BS tools, he just uses his hands (to an extent that seems to indicate that he's not purely in it for the money) to align your bones. I play guitar and write software - this man is teaching me how to avoid screwing my spine/health up, with great results

Nate S. 2/19/20

Mc Gunnigle Chiropractic has provided me with the care needed to return to golf after a back injury .The environment of friendly education is refreshing. Dr.Jeff’s team of professionals have guided me to ownership of my health issues.Mike Gunning

Marge L. 9/13/19

I have found them to be very warm, friendly, caring people and very informative. You couldn't find a better chiropractor than Dr. Jeff

Pat T. 8/13/19

Where to begin, ok... I just turned 40. I have a 7 year old, 80 Lb child. I have had major falls, wrestled way above my weight class, play soccer, tackle football, anything, always, and both payed for school and still work summers as a heavy manual laborer. Excruciating Back pain has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. Years of massage, physical therapy, stretching, etc. have been effective in a limited capacity always... 2 years ago, the burning in my feet started.... Dr. McGunnigle knew immediately what it was... he felt my spine and diagnosed every symptom I have felt in 25+ years. the 40 doctors before him were baffled perpetually... I haven't walked or sat upright in over a decade. When I threw my child in the pool 2 months ago, I felt something go. I almost drowned. Within 4 steps I was under 4' of water and could not walk. My wife and a good friend saved my life that day...

But, Dr. Jeff McGunnigle has given me my life back. It has been less that 2 months, I see him 3 times per week. I, and all of his patients have his personal cell number. We talk. Shelby, his wife, asks me how i am, calls to check on me, offers to see me night, weekend, anytime. They are amazing. Inside of 4 weeks, I was better than I was 2 years ago! I still do manual labor! Now, I can take walks with my kid again, play, jump.... Hug and lift my wife again. My life, the quality of my existence, and everyone around me, so much improved.

When I try to thank Dr. Jeff, any of them.... they compliment me instead. Lol

Call them. See them. Now!
Oh, and it costs virtually nothing....

Henry K. 8/2019

I went to Dr. Jeff after a co-worker recommended him.  I had lower and upper back pain and neck pain. This condition had been going on for years, and sometimes the severity could be a 3-8 out of 10.  I wanted improved health and no pain.  Dr. Jeff recommended stretching and exercises specific to my problem in order to enhance his Chiropractic adjustments.I had been to a chiroprctor before and had no doubt that it would work. I find chiropractic to be a great pain and stress relief.  Dr. Jeff's office is perfect, he has an awesome sense of hume and is a great educator.  He Team is THE BEST!  Dr. Jeff recommended specific exercises, eat better foods, and taking time for myself.  I have less pain and less stress, and my overall health has improved.  I would recommend anyone to come see Dr. Jeff, and I've told countless people about him!

Birgit H. 7/30/15

I went to see Dr, Jeff becasue of back and leg pain. I had pain and swelling in the low back and knees.  It would hit me a various times, and thought the pain was moderate, it was annoying.  I had had Chiropractic care and a diffrent Chiropractor, and enjoyed the experience. I had no doubt it would help me.  So I thought,"Let's give it a try." The office is very welcoming, Dr. Jeff is knowledgeable and very caring.  His Team, fun and loving!  Dr. Jeff recommended for me to eat better, exercise daily and to listen to my body. My wife became a patient at McGunnigle Chiropractic as well for her back and neck issues.  Chirorpactic has helped us both so much and i would recommend it for anyone. Chiropractic is my "Go To"!

Michael B. 7/22/15

I came to McGunnigle Chiropractic for my Ulnar Neuropathy. I had numbness and stinging in my pinky and half of my ring finger in my right hand.  It was a constant, dull pain.  After being at McGunnigle Chiropractic I don't notice it as much!  i was taking anti-inflammatory drugs which did keep it at a reduced level of pain. I was taking Naproxyn. I also had shoulder pain and neck pain.  I had sought Chiropractic treatment before and I had no doubts it would help me. The office is very nice, Dr. Jeff is very knowledgeable, friendly and inforamtive, and his team well organized and friendly as well.  Dr. Jeff recommended adjustments - 3 times a week to start and then I was advanced to 2 times, I will be advanced very soon to 1 time a week!  Dr. Jeff also recommended frequent posture checks and stretching, very specific stretching.  In a very short time I started to feel better and now I feel better daily.  I would recommend others to Chiropractic, its not just about adjusting the neck and back, to me its the BEST overall health method!

Christian D. 7/9/2015

I was gettng older and feeling it!  I noticed that I was slowing down and my whole body hurt while I was awake! i wanted to find the Fountain of Youth.  I had not been to a Chiropractor before I went to see Dr. Jeff, and I had no doubts that Chiropractic would work.  I have a fun time at McGunnigle Chiropractic!  Dr. Jeff is the best and his Team is awesome. I have increased energy flow, and my whole body doesn't ache. All of my children see Dr. Jeff and different times, depending on their schedule.  I have recommended Chiropractic to so many people, it is The Fountain of Youth!!

Kurt A. 7/7/15

I consulted Dr. Jeff for my back pain, I would wake up every morning with back pain, specifically in the lower back area, theseverity was 8 out of a possible 10 and would last 15 minutes or so.  I wanted to improve my balance and not to have any pain!  I've been to Chiropractic before and I had no doubts this would work for me! I have a family history of Chiropractic so my first impressions were great.  Dr. Jeff recommended for me to drink a lot more water, eat 50% raw with more fruits and vegetables.  I understand Chiropractic that by keeping the spine aligned it allows the body to keep healthy.  I love Chiropractic, I'm starting to get out of bedin the morning with little to no pain!

Ed P. 7/6/2105

Dr. Jeff came and spoke to our organization, and i was intrigued, so I wentto see Dr. Jeff. I had back pain and limited motion, I found out that I had Spinal Subluxations.  I had pain in the low back, neck and shoulders with a severity of 6 out of a possible 10.  I wanted less pain and greater dexterity.  I had not gone to a Chiropractor before, and I was taking Acetametaphin daily. Interestingly enough, after I heard Dr. Jeff speak, I had no doubt that Chiropractic would work!  The office is fantastic, the staff is professional, caring, and very family oriented. Dr. Jeff is very caring and easy going as well as professional.  He recommended Spinal Subluxation Therapy.  After the first visit, I was able to clap my hands above my head!  After 6 visits, I had fgreater dexterity.  I've learned that a healthy spine makes my other body parts work better.  I recommend anyone to give this a try, other things besides my back pains have lessened as well! Its WONDERFUL!!

Edward E. 6/1/2015

I went to McGunnigle Chiropractic because of low back pain and I could not stand up straight! It was a constant pain with a high severity.  I wanted to live my life without the constant pain and I needed to improve the curve in my back. I had not had any previous tratment for this condition.  I had not been to a Chiropractyor before, and whenDr. jeff came to our Acme health clinic, after hearing him, I decided to make an appointment. I was uncertain about Chiropractic, however, whenI went to the office, I found a very welcoming office, with a warm and friendly team. I know each person in the Team by their name! Dr. Jeff is very  knowledgeable as well as so approachable, he excplained how things happened and why.  Dr. Jeff recommended exercises, and most importantly, don't push it when i started to feel better!! After 10 visit, by low backk pain was almost gone and I feel younger and healthier.  I recommend that everyone should be checked out by a Chiropractor!

Dennis Y. 4/27/15

I came in to see Dr. Jeff because of extreme shoulder pain which prevented me from living well.  The pain would radiate from my right shoulder, down through my arm to my hands. The pain was not only in my shoulder, but in my upper back. If I exercised, the pain would go on for hours and the severity could be anywhere from a 1 to 10 out of 10! I went to Urgent Care and ended up with a prescription for an anti-inflammatory and pain killer. I did not take the pain killer.  I met Dr. Jeff by accident at a fair in my neighborhood. I had never been to a chiropractor, and I truly had doubts that a Chiropractor could even help me. I thought they were Quacks!!  Well, I went to his practice and I noticed how professional Dr.Jeff was, as well as how caring he was. The office was very orderly, and the team was cohesive and caring.  Dr. Jeff explained to me that I needed to invest in my health, and since  took his advice, the results have been great!  My body has been able to heal, and perform at a much higher level.  I would recommend anyone to give Chiropractic a try, aren't you worth it?

Vince F. 4/10/2015

I came to Dr. Jeff because of Sciatica. I had low back pain on the right side which travelled down into my right leg.  This began August of '14 and was present off and on through December '14.  The pain could be anywhere from a 4-6 out of 10.  I had tried PT for 6-8 weeks and stopped in October of '14, I had relief for awhile but it came back in November.  I did not take any medications, and the pain wasn't going away.  So I thought I would try Chiropractic.  I had been to one awhile ago and didn't have doubts that it would work, just didn't know what could be done.  I found Chiropractic to be very helpful.  I give Dr. Jeff's office, Dr. Jeff and his Team and A+!!

Along with Chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Jeff recommended specific stretching and something as little as taking my wallet out of my back pocket!  Within 10 days - 2 weeks I had relief from pain with continued improvement.  I know that I have to contribute daily to my health, but I know that Chiropractic care assists with my improved feeling and my overall Optimal Health.  I would recommend anyone to get an analysis by Dr. Jeff, I've told several people about McGunnigle Chiropractic, I'm extrememly pleased with this office and this Team!

John K. 3/1/15

I stopped in to speak with Dr. Jeff about advertising, I had never beern to a Chiropractor or even thought of going to one!  After speaking with Dr. Jeff I wanted to come in for a Spinal Screening.

I came into McGunnigle Chiropractic because I suffer neck pain from a car accident due to a double neck fracture.  I would wake up with severe pain up the back of my neck and head for a couple of months.  I needed to take Imitrex and 6 Exedrin to get rid of the pain.  I wanted to wake up without pain.    I know Chiropractic is based on solid science, and his office is such a positive happy place!  Dr. Jeff is a very positive person and he explains why he perfoms a treatment very thoroughly, which I really appreciate.  He recommended for me to do 3 specific exercises and to cut out sugar.  In TWO weeks I am already waking up without pain and I haven't had a headache!  I now know that Chiropractic is working for my Optimal Health and I would recommend others to try Chiropractic immediately!  I have spoken to others about it and I just love it!!

Mary S. 7/29/2014

I came to Dr. Jeff for spinal stenosis, herniated discs and scoliosis.  I had pain, including nerve pain and stiffness in my hips and leg on my left side.  This has been going on for about 8 years and was very severe at times.  I wanted to stand and walk without pain.  I had done physical therapies with minimal relief andhad 3 spinal injections with no relief! I had been prescribed Lyreca, and other medications but did not like the side effects. I wanted a drug and surgery free option.  I had been to a Chiropractor before and I did have doubts that Chiro would work!   I felt that a Chiropractor would not produce better results than the previous treatments and that my pain was too longstanding to be helped.  However, I also felt a different approach to pain was something I was willing to try.  I felt that Dr. Jeff was very capable and sincere in his desire to help his patients.  The office is pleasant and well run.

Dr. Jeff recommended 3 visits 3 times a week to start, also exercise and diet recommendations.  My results so far have been very encouraging, I definitely suffer less pain!  I have learned that the nervous system is the key to optimal health and that Chiropractic plays an important role.  I would definitely recommend Chiropractic for many conditions.  I feel very positive about Chiropractic and would like to see it utilized more widely, especially to avoid so much excessive surgery and dangerous drugs prescribed too freely!

Melina W 2/3/2014

I came to Dr. Jeff with L4-L5, L-5-S-1 herniated disc - had a L5-S1 micro-discectomy.  I had low back pain, headaches and sharp pain in the leg. The low back pain was radiating down my leg, this was all going on for the last 2 years and I was always in sever pain.  I just wanted to be walk without pain!  I had had numerous epidural injections, nerve blocks, surgery, water and land physical therapy.  I took Flexor, nasepran, percocet and other medications, NOTHING WORKED!  I was tired of everything else and decided to try Chiropractic.  I had been to a Chiropractor before and had no doubts it would work. I liked the office - it was clean and very friendly, felt like "home"!  Dr. Jeff was very friendly and so helpful, he recommended the proper way to ice and stretch, keep a positive attitude and to correct those subluxations.  The results have been great, it did take time, but so worth it!  Chiropractic helps the energy flow throughout my body and improves my body. I have told numerous people about Dr. Jeff, just give Dr. Jeff a call!  I am such a big fan, I am now running and feel great, and I have more energy!!

Maria H 5/23/2013

I came to to McGunnigle Chiropractic with Acid Reflux Gerd which is caused by a herniated esophagus. This causes a burning sensation in the throat and chest, occurring multiple times a day. I wanted to get rid of this problem, but would settle for a reduction in severity!  I would take Omeprazole daily to relieve it.  Dr. Jeff suggested Chiropractic for this condition, hmm.  I had been to a Chiro but not for this problem, never realizing the broad scope of Chiropractic, never gave it a thought!  I was somewhat skeptical.  However, I gave it a try, the office staff is excellent and made me feel "at home". Dr. Jeff was excellent and what a teacher! He suggested to correct my subluxations and within 2-3 months I felt so much better!  I have other family members coming to Dr. Jeff for a variety of reasons, and Chiropractic has helped the,  I would recommend anyone to Chiropractic, and tell as many people who will listen!  I will continue to reap the benefits of Chiropractic!

Thank you Dr. Jeff!!

Joe S. 2/21/2013

I had pain in my back, neck, knees, feet, hands and arms! The pain targeted my joints on a daily basis, an it ran the gamut of being mild to extreme.  My children talked to me about Chiropractic and though I had never met one before, I  thought I would try it.  I had loads of doubts, especially because I had so many problems. My first impressions of Dr. Jeff's office is how well managed it is, and that Dr. Jeff is very caring, but still I had my doubts!!  Dr. Jef has given me so many recommendations and I feel better!

Susan B. 5/29/12

I had low back pain and my back was always sore.  The lumbar region is the main area, and pain wud last 1 to 2 hours with discomfort.  I would like to lose weights ans have no back pain.  I met Dr. Jeff and that is what convinced me to try Chiorpractic.  I did have doubs, that it wouldn't help and to cause me more pain.  However, the offce is very comfortable, and the staff great.  Dr. Jeff is kind and gentle, and through his care plan I feel less back pain within 8 weeks!  I would definietley  recommend Dr. Jeff for family members who have back pain and knee pain. Now that i'm apatient I have definitely changed my mind about Chiopractic!

John B. 5/29/2012

I came to Dr. Jeff with trouble walking, severe neck and back pain, not to mention terrible headaches, that would last for hours.  The severity of this problem was, on a scale of 1 - 10,  a 10.  My neck had an infusion,but after treatment my neck would feel a lot better :)

I came to a talk that Dr. Jeff was giving and I really liked what he said, so I went to his office, and he took a history of me, examined me, and took x-rays.  I had never been to a Chiropractr and at first, I had some doubts!  However, after the first treatment, I knew better.  I had heard that Chiropractc was painful - NOT!

My first impressions of Chiropractic were that that Dr. Jeff listened to what I had to say, and had answers.  He explained his answers to my questions thoroughly and I felt as though he was very well educated. He understands his patients and truly wants to help them - see them get better and to live an active life. The staff is a great bunch of people! They are so willing to help and to understand.

Dr. Jeff recommended some in home therapy as well - diet, and specific exercises to help me with my problem, how to place a rolled up towel to help my neck.  We are working on my problem, and I feel better! I'm able to get around and do things, I don't like to sit around and do nothing.

I carry Dr. Jeff's cards around with me all th time, if someone has a problem, I hand him/her a card, knowing that Dr. Jeff could help them.

Thank you Dr. Jeff!  :)

Mary Ann K. 2/6/12

I came to Dr. Jeff wth multiple subluxations in my neck and back as well as carpal tunnel.  I had severe pain in my neck, back, knees, hips, headaches, trigger finger, numbness in my hands and arms,where it became too painful to type, (and I type a lot!!).  I was also off balance so much so, that I would fall or trip all of the time.  I have gone to Chiropractors since I was 16 years old when I read about it and thought it made such logical sense, the whole flow of energy, I just got that!  I have a high tolerance for pain and rarely go to any healthcare poviders, but whenever I stopped seeing a Chiropactor, my pain and all my problems would come back.

Since I've been seeing Dr. Jeff, my carpal tunnel has revesed and I no longer fall.  I can type without pain and my balance is great!

I had no doubts about Chiropractic and have loved it since my very first visit at 16 due to headaches which completely went away.

Dr. Jeff's office is lovely and has an atmosphere of energy, his staff is always positive, and they really care about you, always smiling and educating!

Dr. Jeff and I discuss diet, water, vitamins and of course the adjustments and within 10 sessions the pain was gone and I continue to improve.

My son was having problems about 10years ago and with Chiropractic he had such relief from pain.  I have recommended Ciropractic to 100s of people, and would recommend it for EVERYONE!!

Susan B. 1/12/2012

 I wanted to feel less tired in the afternoons, I had no energy, and pain in my spine.  This went on for many years, and sometimes was debilitating.  I had been to a Chiropractor, and when I heard Dr. Jeff speak at one of my clubs I thought I would try it!  I only take insulin, and do not take other medications.   After my first adjustment I could feel the benefits from just that oe time!  Dr. Jeff recommended a care plan of 3 times a week to begin, and I am so please with my improvement!

Florence P. 11/10/11

 I came to McGunnigle Chiropractic 20 years ago!  I came because I had pain in my back as as my shoulder for a few days of and on.  I had never been to a chiropractor, but I had no doubt that I could be helped through chiroprctic care.  My first impression of chiropractic was that it was a good thing to do for my body, not just my back or shoulder.  The reults were pretty good in 15 minutes!  I have been coming to Dr. Jeff regularly for 20 years because I like  what it has done for my body and makes me feel great!

R. Jones 9/9/11

I came to McGunnigle Chiropractic for degenerative disc disease.  My symptoms were severe and very painful muscle spasms, and a very stiff neck, which lead to a total inability to do normal daily activities.  My neck and lower back suffered from profound pain for 10 plus years.  I wanted to partake in daily activities such  as walking longer than 5 minutes, reading in comfort and to be able to work and do my schoolwork with less pain.

I had not sought any type of previous treatment.  I had taken Advil and Aleve, but was concerned about organ damage.  I found out that Chiropractic care was more cost effective than traditonal medicine.  I had not been to a Chiropractor previously and was unsure if Chiropractic would help.

I did actually think that Chiropractors felt as though they could cure anything and everything until I met with Dr. Jeff!  The staff at McGunnigle Chiropractic  is extremely friendly and Dr. Jeff is very professional and caring and very honest with his findings.

His recommendations were to come in for adjustments 3 times a week.  There has been much impovement and I no longer need to take over the counter and I am starting to enjoy activities within reasonable limits.

I know now that Chiropractic maintains  healthy nervous system by keeping nerve pathways open  to encourage he body's natural healng process.  I would definitely recommend Chiropractic to anyone who is sick, suffering or in pain.  I have told so many people about Chiropractic that I can't keep count!

I am so glad I came to visit Dr. Jeff.  I am able to enjoy a lot of things I could not before I met him.  I believe I will be able to do everything I miss within time!

Melissa D. 7/11/2011

Due to cancer three years ago, I was unable to walk more than 50 ft without paralyzing pain.  I couldn't touch my toes. I wore sandals for 3 years.  After 6 visits to Dr. McGunnigle, I'm taking 15 units less of insulin. I'm walking and wearing socks and shoes and food shopping and also cooking, which I haven't done for 3 years!

I was previously treated with massages, hot packs, drugs,and physical therapy, but nothing improved.  I was led to Chiropractic by my family doctor who recommended it because of the amount of pain I was in.

My first impessions of Chiropractic were that I was scared of twisiting my neck, but I realized I need to breathe deeply two times before that movement.  My first impressions of the McGunnigle office were that they were positive, friendly, and caring.  They were also encouraging you to be involved in your health.

In 3 visits I had increased energy, the ability to move better and feel better, also my pain had decreased.  I don't wobble when I walk anymore. I can walk up and down steps without using the railing and one foot on each step.  The depression I had is so much less.  Everyone has noticed the change.

Thank you!!

Submitted by P. Brown

I first came to the office because my daughter invited me to accompany her.  I have never wanted to go to a Chiropractor because I am so sensitive in my back and neck.

Walking into the office we were greeted by very friendly staff and Dr. Jeff.  Even the colors of the office were welcoming.

After listening to Dr. Jeff, I was willing to give this a try!

Five years ago, I had 4 strokes.  They were not major, but did have some affect on my body.  For five years I had not been able to lift my right arm above my head without pain, had not been able to begin up steps with my right foot.

After the first visit, I was able to step into my house using my right foot. and not only lift my right arm, but touch my back without pain!

I look forard to my upcoming visits.

When my husband comes to New Jersey, I will bring him to see Dr. Jeff!!

N. Campos 4/13/2011

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